Announcing The Marriage Family Business Podcast!

After receiving countless requests over the months, my wife Claire and I are excited to finally announce that the first few episodes of The Marriage Family Business Podcast are now LIVE and ready for you!

Getting here has been literally almost a half of a year in the making, and to celebrate the launch, we’re doing an awesome giveaway for our “founding listeners” that subscribe, and share the podcast with people who they know this show will help! More on that in a moment, but first…

Why this podcast, and why now?

Good questions. Well, after hearing from so many of you that you loved the convenience and accessibility of podcasts, but that they all still seemed to miss what you were looking for in terms of helping FEEL the level of success you are looking for in your relationships and within your business, Claire and I started to brainstorm and plan out our own podcast.

Basically, our GOAL with The Marriage Family Business Podcast is to help YOU discover real life advice, strategies, and tools to help you navigate your own marriage and family while balancing your entrepreneurial journey.

Specifically, each episode will include inside details and unedited stories from our lives – things that are happening in our marriage, family or business – and how they are triggering us in both positive and negative ways… but, more importantly, what lessons we take from each of them, and what you can take and apply as well.

With that in mind, here’s a bit of what to expect from just the first 3 episodes:

On this first ever episode of The Marriage Family Business Podcast, we lay down the foundational truths, key questions, and hilarious backstory that lead to the creation of our favorite holiday (outside of Christmas) – Patron Day! Also, I specifically boil down what it takes to really achieve success in all three areas with one key question to ask yourself.

In the second episode, Claire and I talk about your “why”. Yeah sure, you may say ‘I do it for my kids’ or ‘I do it for my spouse’, but there is singular problem with that approach, and that’s its generality, which does not evoke the necessary emotion to really drive you when the seas get rough.

The third episode of the MFB Podcast examines what happens when a marriage is not run in a healthy way – and it’s not what you might think. Here, we are really talking about things like what can happen when a couple wraps their entire relationship around the upbringing of their kids. On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll discover my go-to advice for newlyweds.

Get the Podcast & Get Involved:

As I said, to celebrate the launch of The Marriage Family Business Podcast , Claire and I are running THREE special giveaways for all our listeners, one in EACH of our three pillar areas –

  1. Marriage: $100 restaurant gift card
  2. Family: $75 Disney gift card
  3. Business: ONY YEAR of protection

You in?

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That’s it! Told you it was easy 😉

Note: Any honest review qualifies you for a chance to win. I’ll contact the winner(s) by email and on instagram @marriagefamilybusinesspodcast and on the podcast in episode 6!

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Thanks for checking out the new podcast! I’m pumped to finally share all the incredible content (and awesome guests) we’ve got planned for you over the coming months. Stay tuned!